Leanne Linsky


Leanne Linsky plays the role of Jen Mackey, an investigative blogger/reporter in 
The Smiley Face Killers
directed by Andrew Fitzgerald, winner for
Best Documentary Thriller 
in the
Los Angeles Thriller Film Festival 2014
Screenings on Thursday, March 6, 2014 at The LA Thriller Film Festival. 


"Lady Luck is A Whore (What happens in Vegas Stays in this show) is a sharply written one-woman show by NYC based Leanne Linsky. Linsky flexes her Second City and Upright Citizens Brigade trained writing muscles in this 55-minute autobiographical sketch-comedy about life after divorce. The vignette scenes are crisp and brief, always closing with a masterful punchline. Linsky’s narrative is well constructed and peppered with the smart wit of a woman anyone would want to take home to meet Mom...Linsky has the comedic chops to join the ranks of Rudner and Fey."  ~ DC Metro Theatre Arts

"...the next wave of comedic genius right in our backyards."Examiner.com

"Lady Luck is a Whore is her one-woman show on the woes of failed marriages and dating, and she covers that woe with aplomb and a damn good sense of humor...Wit-FUL and Wonderful."  DC Theatre Scene

"Ms. Linsky’s surge upward appears to be a foregone conclusion."Sneakers & Ale.com

"Leanne dishes out the dirt in an unfiltered, clever and well thought out manner...this was a great masterpiece and it would be more than an honor to attend Leanne’s future performances."NewYorkEvents.com

"Overall, this one-woman show is absolutely fantastic.  It’s hilarious, has moments of sweetness, then switches back to making you laugh to the point you have tears rolling down your face."
 ~ Baking, Photography, and Sarcasm

"Leanne owned the stage...telling stories that audience members seemed to cherish. The end result is a poignant, impassionate, playful view of an actress’s painful struggles trying to find herself through multiple marriages."The I'Wante Show

"Don't miss this one as it is sure to be a highlight."Dave Nordheimer, WITN22

 5 STARS "She’s very talented and I expect big things from her."NYCTalking.com

SHOW WEBSITE: LeanneLinskyisLadyLuck
FLICKR GALLERY: LadyLuckisaWhore


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 A 1-hour standup show
hosted by
Leanne Linsky 
Every Monday 
at 7:00PM

An open mic
hosted by
Leanne Linsky
Every Monday at 9:00PM

"...Leanne Linsky 
displays fine comic timing as uptight
Master TeacherBurns..."          

“Tongue in Cheek Theater's   
sterling production
[of Dead White Males]  
is a trenchant critique of America’s education system in crisis... fascinating...
The ensemble is first-rate.
       ~Theater Online

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